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Was Jan 6 a False Flag Operation? In-Depth with Julie Kelly

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Saturday, January 8

Charlie welcomes Julie Kelly to the show, author of the explosive new book, "January 6: How Democrats Are Using the Capitol Protest to Launch a Domestic War on Terror Against the Political Right." Julie has done extensive research on the mounting evidence alleging that the feds were intricately involved in escalating the events of January 6th, even inciting otherwise peaceful protesters into breaching the Capitol grounds. Julie details how Christopher Wray unleashed the power of the intelligence apparatus to target Jan 6 protestors when he designated the events as a domestic terrorism incident. Julie asks a series of probing questions such as: Why did Speaker Pelosi and DC Mayor Muriel Bowser refuse Trump's offer to send 10,000 national guardsmen? Are “domestic terrorists” the biggest national security threat to the homeland, as top Biden officials have warned? What happened to Ray Epps? And much much more.