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Charlie is America's hardest working grassroots activist who has your inside scoop on the biggest news of the day and what's really going on behind the headlines. The founder of Turning Point USA and one of social media's most engaged personalities, Charlie is on the front lines of America’s culture war, mobilizing hundreds of thousands of students on over 3,500 college and high school campuses across the country, bringing you your daily dose of clarity in a sea of chaos all from his signature no-holds-barred, unapologetically conservative, freedom-loving point of view.

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Inside the Elon vs Disney and Vivek vs Ronna Public Brawls

Thursday, November 30

First, Michael Seifert, CEO of, joins the program to recap Elon Musk’s public GFY reubuke of Disney's Bob Iger and all other woke advertisers who are jeopardizing the future of X. Then, Vivek Ramaswamy is on the ground in Iowa calling out why climate change is a hoax and how its being weoponized against US Farmers. He also doubles down on his calls to remove Ronna Romney as RNC Chair and his campaign.

The FISA Renewal Bombshell No One's Talking About

Thursday, November 30

Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act or FISA, is up for renewal on Dec 31 and the DC Uniparty wants to extend it until 2035. That's right, the same FISA that was abused to spy on President Trump's campaign. And now, as Charlie explains, conservatives have a chance to push back. However, many DC Republicans are the ones quietly pushing for it to pass as part of the NDAA. What could be the reason? Charlie sounds the alarm calling it the MOST important fight in December that no one is talking about.

Charlie Kirk vs. ASU

Thursday, November 30

Ann Atkinson and Arizona State Rep. Austin Smith sit down with Charlie to dive deep into the long simmering fued between ASU, President Crow, and the Barrett Honors College and TPUSA, and yes, Charlie Kirk. Now as the state prepares to defund the far-left university for its brazen double standard and its insane class offerings, Ann and Austin explain just what's at stake in a regional battle that has national implications. Are you okay with your college kid learning about how witchcraft actually heals or how to have intercourse with a kraken?

The Race to Iowa + Mass Rebellion in Ireland

Thursday, November 30

First, Charlie is joined by editor-in-chief of the National Pulse, Raheem Kassam, to talk about Trump, DeSantis, Haley, and the race to the Iowa Caucuses. Should Trump's camp manage expectations in that sate? And as Ireland’s working class continues to rise up, Brendan O'Neill, chief political writer at Spiked Online explains what's really going on inside the Emerald Isle as the populist wave rises across the globe.

BLM for Trump? Chiefs Fan in Black Face?

Wednesday, November 29

Charlie asks a question that could make or break the next election cycle, especially for Biden: is black America leaving the Democrat Plantation? He reacts to the change in politcal climate as many Americans are waking up, including prominent BLM leaders, and he dives into the insane story of Deadspin accusing a young Kansas City Chiefs' fan of wearing blackface.

Seven Disciplines of Uncommon Freedom w/ Author Kevin Tinter

Wednesday, November 29

Kevin Tinter, author of “The Seven Disciplines of Uncommon Freedom,” joins Charlie for an in-depth discussion asking the question: Why are so many Americans overweight, depressed, in debt, and unsuccessful. They unpack the Seven Disciplines outlined by Tinter that he believes will empower everyday people to overcome the perils of the modern generation.

A New China Virus + What Would Mike Davis Do as Trump's Attorney General

Wednesday, November 29

Kash Patel joins Charlie to discuss what Biden SHOULD be doing to get the American hostages home. They also talk about the new virus reportedly spreading rapidly through China. For the second half of the episode, Mike Davis joins to unpack the radical moves from the left to ban Trump from state ballots before dishing on what he would do as Trump's next Attorney General—a prospect the media is terrified of.

Republican "Elites" Endorsed their Next Anti-Trump 2024 Candidate

Tuesday, November 28

Elite GOP Donors have picked their dream candidate for 2024, and it's not Trump, it's not DeSantis, it's not Vivek. Charlie reacts to their extremely out of touch position and predicts the sad inevitability if RINOs keep running away from the base.

How One Investigative Journalist Discovered the Shocking Truth About Red State DEI Policies

Tuesday, November 28

Do you know what’s taking place at the colleges the next generation will be going to? Wall Street Journal contributor John D. Sailer reveals the shocking reach of DEI in hiring practices at red-state universities, colleges, and beyond. Charlie and Sailer discuss the extent of the institutional rot he’a uncovered, and how we can fight back.

Fire in Ireland + Victory in the Netherlands?

Tuesday, November 28

Over the weekend, Ireland broke out into civil unrest while Dutch Populists surged to a landslide anti-mass immigration victory. Eva Vlaadingerbroek joins the show to talk about everything happening in Europe, and Lara Logan stops by to discuss the J6 Tapes, and what we we’ve learned since their release.

The Republican Party's BIG Problem Just Got Even Worse

Monday, November 27

The RNC just got some terrible news, and it's even worse than the headlines suggest. Also GOP donors flock to a new anti-Trump superhero named Nimarata. Also, the Democrats are going ALL IN on one move, and they're telling us exactly what it is. How should Republicans react?

Satan's "Trojan Horse" for the Christian Church

Monday, November 27

Churches are supposed to be founded on the Bible and the enduring, proven truths of Christianity. So why do so many of them get infiltrated by modern, secular doctrines and values? Pastors Caden Metcalf, Jon Benzinger, and Ryan Visconti, all of them leaders at thriving Bible-based churches, explain why church leaders must avoid the danger of fake compassion, and be willing to lose some parishioners for the sake of preserving true Christian doctrine and saving souls.

How to Kick Woke-ism Out of American Christianity — LIVE from Freedom Night

Sunday, November 26

Charlie is joined by Lucas Miles to discuss his book ‘Woke Jesus’ and the Leftist ideas that are infiltrating the Christian church. They dive into how families should navigate the sad reality facing the church today, the true definition of woke-ism, and they take audience questions.

THOUGHTCRIME Ep. 22 — Canceling Candace?, Air Force vs. Conservatives?

Saturday, November 25

In this special Thanksgiving week edition of THOUGHTCRIME featuring Charlie Kirk, Jack Posobiec, Tyler Bowyer, and Blake Neff, the group debates meaty questions like: -Why are so many on the right fighting so hard to cancel Candace Owens? -Why is the U.S. military banning personnel from supporting Turning Point Action?

How To Be a Bold Man — LIVE from Generation Church

Friday, November 24

Enjoy Charlie’s speech from Generation Church’s Bold Men’s Night, where he outlines the role of men in modern America, what he wishes more parents knew, and the importance of Christian education, then takes questions from the audience.

Winning the Pro-Life Debate with Gen Z

Friday, November 24

With 2024 looming, the race to win the votes of Gen Z is on — and one of the biggest issues is the intense divide between pro-life and pro-abortion. Charlie sits down with Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life for America, for an exclusive interview discussing where conservatives have gone wrong on the issue, winning the post-Roe (and post-Dobbs) generations, and more.

REWIND: The Origins of Thanksgiving with Bill Federer

Thursday, November 23

Most people know that the Pilgrims wanted to create an ideal Christian society in America. But did you know they also had an early (failed) experiment with Communist-style collective property ownership? Author and speaker Bill Federer with Turning Point Academy digs into the history and biblical roots of the first Thanksgiving.

Is AI Going To Destroy Us, Or Save Us?

Wednesday, November 22

Silicon Valley is in turmoil, as ChatGPT creator OpenAI has suddenly fired (then rehired) CEO Sam Altman without explaining why. The firing has created a whirlwind of rumors: Is AI advancing too quickly to be controlled? Are we on the brink of so-called "Artificial General Intelligence?" "Dark Aeon" author Joe Allen helps Charlie understand these questions, and then Sen. Kevin Cramer discusses possible fixes to the military's new war against Turning Point Action and conservative values.

Thanksgiving, Enemy of Marxism

Wednesday, November 22

Thanksgiving is a uniquely American holiday dedicated to thanking God for His providence. And as Charlie explains, this attitude of gratitude has fueled America's centuries of success while also making it immune to the cancer of Marxism. And that, he says, is precisely why the left has made Thanksgiving such a target for destruction, and why conservatives must stand up to defend it.

Maoism Come to America

Wednesday, November 22

Mao Zedong's version of Marxism is the single most murderous ideology in history, claiming more than 50 million Chinese lives. Now, according to Chinese exile Xi Van Fleet, this ideology is taking root in America — and she would know, as she lived through the Cultural Revolution in person. Xi joins Charlie to warn against the rise of "Mao's America."