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DNC To Hold First 2024 Primaries In South Carolina to Prioritize Black, Latino Voters

Sunday, February 5, 2023

The Democratic National Committee is changing the order of the party’s primaries, much to the chagrin of some members, in a blatant bid to pander to minorities.

According to party leaders, the DNC will move its first-in-the-nation primary to South Carolina next year, “a decision it said was made in part to prioritize non-white voters,” the Daily Wire noted.

That now puts the Palmetto State ahead of Iowa and New Hampshire, both of which have led the party’s primaries for decades. The DNC says that the decision was made to placate “black and Latino voters,” the Daily Wire added.

“This calendar does what is long overdue,” said DNC chair Jaime Harrison, according to NBC News. “It puts Black voters at the front of the process in South Carolina. It keeps Nevada, where Latinos have been building power … and it adds Michigan, the heartland, where unions built the middle class of this nation. And Georgia, the forefront of the new South.

“The Democratic Party looks like America,” Harrison claimed, “and so does this proposal.”

Iowa Democratic Chair Rita Hart expressed dismay with the decision, saying that it showed that her party is abandoning rural voters, adding that it also demonstrated that Democrats had “turned their back on Iowa and rural America.”

During his Saturday show, CNN’s Jake Tapper played a clip of DNC delegate Steve Shurtleff, who said he won’t be backing Biden of the party replaces New Hampshire in the primary process.

“If people think that it’s cold in New Hampshire right now, wait until Joe Biden goes there after he’s gotten rid of them as the first-in-the-nation primary,” Tapper noted, playing a video clip of Shurtleff, who is a former New Hampshire House speaker, stating that he won’t support Biden if the changes go through.

“I’ll look for another candidate before I support Joe Biden if he should go so far as to take away the first-in-the-nation primary from the Granite State,” he said.

“That’s a Biden delegate,” Tapper ominously warned.

CNN Analyst Leigh Ann Caldwell responded: “Two New Hampshire senators didn’t go to a party at the White House because they were so mad at President Biden about this. People in New Hampshire, politicos are saying it is going jeopardize him winning the general election in 2024 should he run again. New Hampshire’s taking this very, very personally.”

The party is not likely to change direction now that the decision has been made, however, because it’s something that Biden wants.

“For decades, Black voters in particular have been the backbone of the Democratic Party but have been pushed to the back of the early primary process,” the president wrote in a December letter. “We rely on these voters in elections but have not recognized their importance in our nominating calendar. It is time to stop taking these voters for granted, and time to give them a louder and earlier voice in the process.”